Hours of Operation

Basin Park Hotel

Front Desk

Call Anytime


Shuttle Service

Hotel to Hotel

Mon-Sun 7am-11pm


Continental Breakfast

Offered in Balcony Restaurant

Sat & Sun 8AM - 10:30AM

Colossal Breakfast Box

See the Front Desk

Order by 7PM the night before delivery.

Coffee Service

Offered in Lobby

Mon-Fri 7AM - 9AM

Balcony Bar and Restaurant

Sun-Thu 11PM - 9PM, Fri-Sat 11AM - 11PM

Jack Rabbett's Whisky Bar

Mon-Fri 5PM - 10PM, Sat 12PM - 10PM, Sun 2PM-10PM

JR's Game Room

Daily 12PM - 10PM

Colossal Cupcakes & Cones

101 N Main St.

Mon-Sun 12PM - 8PM

Spa 1905

Spa 1905

Appointments Required

Mon-Thu 10AM - 4:30PM, Fri-Sun 9AM - 5:30PM

Spa Deck

Daily 9AM - 10PM

Spa Fire Pit

Daily 7PM - 10PM

Hot Tub

9AM - 10PM